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Stephen Peasley

Web developer Stephen Peasley graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, then went on to work for the Alberta government, a film company, and Veer, a stock photography company. He’s a co-founder of and a senior developer at — creative agency Uppercut in Calgary.

As a kid, Stephen was always drawing, often getting in trouble for doodling on his desk. “When I was in sixth grade, I used stolen school supplies to make a cover for the top of my desk. I doodled all over it to my heart’s content. Then I took a hiatus from making for a couple of decades to chase girls and fast cars, but every now and then I pursue an idea that’s unrelated to my day job.”

Sense and sensibility

One of Stephen’s most challenging projects was a blend of his creative and technical sensibilities. He explains, “I made this ‘exploded’ hard-drive sculpture, with all the pieces painted white. It was finished, but a couple of the heavier pieces kept snapping off the backing they were mounted to. I had to do some drilling, tying, and gluing to make it all work.”

“I have a love-hate relationship with

this industry because things change so

fast, but that means there’s always

something new to learn.”

He admits to having a “love-hate relationship with the industry because things change so fast, but that means there’s always something new to learn.” And although developers are usually not seen as creative, the work is about problem solving, which he finds fulfilling. “I also work with really wonderful designers, so helping to bring their ideas to life is satisfying.” Certainly, when asked who his influences are, he says, “The people I work with. They inspire me every day.”

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Switchpins Maker Set
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