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Jessica Hische

Letterer, illustrator, and self-described procrastiworker Jessica Hische doesn’t remember the first thing she ever made, but says her “mom can vouch that from the second I discovered what my hands were, I was using them to make things.”

She can, however, say her career in lettering began when “the admissions counselors at Tyler School of Art took a chance on me and admitted me to their BFA program. If it weren’t for that school and my wonderful teachers, I never would have known what graphic design was and how fun it could be!” After graduation, Jessica did freelance work for a small studio in Philadelphia, and several months later moved to Brooklyn to work for Louise Fili, “who taught me a lot about typography, book design, and how to be an amazing businesswoman. Through her, my peers, my rep, and through victories and failings with clients, I learned how to build a career in lettering. I started out wanting to be an artist, ended up a designer, then an illustrator, then a letterer and now I’m somewhere between all of the above with some type design thrown in for good measure.”

Sun seeker

Jessica is most motivated when she’s had plenty of sunshine and time with people. “When I spend too much time alone or am stuck indoors, I start to feel slouchy, gross, and disconnected and my creativity and motivation go out the door.” And since she’s a true extrovert, it’s natural that she would be inspired “by everything and everyone around me. My peers in lettering and tech are incredibly influential in terms of motivation — if I didn’t share a studio with [fellow lettering artist] Erik Marinovich I don’t know if I’d be pushing myself as hard with my lettering work.”

“When I did the title design

for Moonrise Kingdom, it felt like a true

collaboration with Wes Anderson,

which was completely thrilling.”

Her creative influences include modern greats like Paula Scher, Louise Fili, Michael Bierut, Marian Bantjes, Stefan Sagmeister, Pushpin, and Herb Lubalin. “My fashion sense is quite different than my artistic and visual sense. There are similarities in terms of color palettes, but in general I tend to be more restrained with my fashion tastes.” She loves the work of current designers like “Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Rachel Comey, Isabel Marant, Steven Alan, A.P.C. — basically the canon of neutral-toned hipster fashion.”

All smiles

The list of projects she has worked on is impressive, but her favorites are often the ones that allow her to “work collaboratively with the art director or client. When I did the title design for Moonrise Kingdom it felt like a true collaboration with Wes Anderson, which was completely thrilling.”

But ultimately what drives her to make is the idea of delighting people. “Usually the projects that I’m most in love with are ones I know will put a smile on someone’s face. When I came up with the idea for the Code Mode Light, I thought about all the happy nerds who would see it and want it above their desks.”

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Code Mode Light
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