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Stephen Rapp End User License Agreement

Please read the following End User Licensing Agreement carefully. This outlines your documented rights and is a necessary part of font licensing.

By purchasing and installing this font you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • 1. This font is software and is the exclusive property of Stephen Rapp, Inc.and you, as the end user, are agreeing to license (not own) its use in accordance to the terms in this document.
  • 2. Use of this font software is limited to a total of 5 devices at a single site ( physical location). A device refers to, but is not limited to, one CPU, printer, server, or any other device that is used to render letterforms from this software. It is furthermore limited to one CPU at the site of licensing with the exception of an additional laptop computer provided that is primarily associated with the same site location. Use of this software beyond these parameters will require additional licensing. For large multi-end user licensing please contact Stephen Rapp at 216-501-1198 for a quote.
  • 3. You may make one copy of this font software for your own backup purposes.
  • 4.This software may be returned or exchanged only if defective.
  • 5. You may provide a copy of this font to a service bureau as needed provided that the service bureau agrees to delete this font software from their system after the job is completed.
  • 6. You may not alter, copy, modify, or reverse engineer any or all parts of this software or in any way create derivative works from it. Modifying characters generated by this font software for works created by the end user are permitted for individual projects such as logo design. If, however, you require a modified version of the software for branding or similar uses, please contact Stephen Rapp at 216-501-1198 to arrange this.
  • 7. This software may not be shared, leased, rented, loaned, subleased, or given away to another person, company, or entity.
  • 8. This font software may be embedded in PDF or similar documents for print and preview purposes only. If the document allows for font extraction this is considered a violation of this agreement.
  • 9. This font software is limited in warranty to defects only and for replacement of such defects. You, as end user, agree that Stephen Rapp, Inc. or other parties associated with the creation or sales of this software font may not be held responsible for any liabilities occurring as a result of its use and that any risk associated with its use is the responsibility of the end user.
  • 10. The end user agrees to forward this agreement to any employee, service bureau, or person to whom they have given access to use this font software.
  • 11. Any violation of these terms may be grounds for termination of this agreement and/or additional licensing fees.

Copyright © Stephen Rapp, Inc.
For further information or inquiries contact Stephen Rapp at 216-501-1198