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Strokes of Genius Notebook

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How to make a Strokes of Genius Notebook:

Step 1: Ask Neil Summerour to hand-letter the words Strokes of Genius.

Step 2: Take the hand-lettered art from Neil Summerour and cut white vinyl stickers.

Step 3: Go to Blanchette Press. Use paper left in the Blanchette inventory. In this case, it was beige 80-Ib cover, teal 90-Ib cover, and 100-Ib text stock. Hit the covers with two coats of black ink.

Step 4: Stick the stickers onto the notebook covers.

Step 5: Invite friends and fellow makers to paint them using traditional, hand-mixed, CMYK press inks. That means each notebook is different (so the ones you see pictured here may not be the ones you receive).

Step 6: Wait for ink to dry. This is the least exciting part.

Special thanks to: Aaron Blanchette, Adam Blanchette, Gail Blanchette, Marie Hohner, Xerxes Irani, Beau Lark, Dawn Mesana, Drew Ng, Xuan Nguyen, Victor John Penner, Darcy Twarog, Mark Vanderland, Wendy Wan, and Jonathan Wood.

Product information
Maker Fairgood, Blanchette Press and Neil Summerour
Material Cover- and text-weight stock, black wire, and double-sided tape. 8" x 9"
Additional Details These books have been painted individually. No two are the same, so the ones you see pictured here may not be the ones you receive.
Shipping information Please expect seven days for your order to ship.
Return policy Returns or exchanges are possible within 15 days of receipt. Please contact us if there’s a problem with your notebook.